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OUR MISSION is to take you to explore PARADISE on earth, INDONESIA. To renew your mind and spirit, to take you on a personal journey of discovery. Your trip will be imaginative, interesting,and safe.

VOYAGE 2 PARADISE was conceived out of a desire to make known the mysteries of Indonesia. Our home office is in Texas, USA but serves all of North America. Providing you with two facets of service:

1. Exclusive Escorted Tours:Tailored, independent, guided tour to all tourist destinations in Indonesia

*We are creating TEN PARADISES for your discovery and enjoyment

*We educate our guests to the cultures, traditions, and the way of life of the indigenous people, focusing on creative-tourism

*We provide information to students and enthusiast alike for an extended stay to study more in depth about Indonesia

*We provide "insider access," taking you to the hottest tourist sites as well as special treasures only the locals know about. Each tour is tailored to your individual/group needs, experiencing the very best of local cultures and traditions.

2. Provides information and guide/companion to the business communities/organizations who want to conduct business and/or make an investment(s) in Indonesia.


According to a 2010 census, Indonesia is home to 237,693,453 people, making it the world's fourth most populous nation after China, India and United States. The work force (15-64 yrs of age) is 65.4 percent of the total population.

The implementation of a comprehensive family planning program over the last three decades has resulted in controlled population growth. The growth rate has fallen from over 2.3 percent in 1972 to 1.5 percent in 2003.

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Indonesia is a nation of islands. According to the country's Naval Hydro-Oceanographic Office, it contains some 17,508 islands, although only about 6,000 are inhabited. In fact, the country's island identity is part of its name. "Indonesia" has its roots in two Greek words: Indos meaning "Indian" and Nesos which means "islands."

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Historians believe that Indonesia was linked with the Asian mainland during the Pleistocene period (four million BC). This period was also related to the first appearance of the Hominids; what is today called 'Java Man' inhabited Indonesia as early as two million to 500,000 years ago. 'Java Man' is a short name for Pithecanthropus Erectus, a human-like species whose fossilized remains were discovered by the scientist Eugene Dubois on the island of Java.

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Travel Insurance
V2E tours does not offers travel insurance. I recommend to purchase your travel insurance through your Auto Insurance Agent(s), from varieties of different travel insurance offer online, or AAA.
Travel Documents
You will need a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the date of your arrival in Indonesia...read more..
You will not have access to your checked baggage during flight. We advise that you carry your medication, travel documents and valuables in your carry-on baggage. Label your checked baggage with full contact information. ..read more..
Items to take
Different cultures, different needs. You my want to bring the following items as you travel: ..read more..
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